Eportfolio Ireland: Pomodoro Style Writing Workshop for Special issue

EPortfolio Ireland is committed to providing support to help authors submit a paper to the special issue of IJTEL

Mindful of the disproportionate impact that the Covid-19 crisis has had in response to the #FemEdTech letter to Journal Editors (1/5/2020) ePortfolio Ireland is committed to providing additional supports in order to help potential authors submit a paper to the special issue of the Irish Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning (IJTEL). In order to make the writing process manageable; in the original call we suggested that prior to submitting a paper, potential authors submit an extended 500 word abstract. This will help the team identify areas of possible support and engagement prior to the full paper being written.

In support of the call for papers, we are organising an online Pomodoro Style Writing Workshop on Monday the 20th of July from 9.15-12.00 which is intended to act as much as a social as well as practical writing forum.

The primary aims of the workshop is to act as a vehicle that can:

  • Provide an opportunity for people interested in ePortfolios to come together in a convivial and supportive atmosphere
  • Provide a means of stimulating the writing process
  • Produce a draft of an extended 500 word abstract

Point three above is particularly important as we wish to reiterate that although we have a call out for the IJTEL special issue, the main thing is that we provide an opportunity to come together and support each other. For instance, you might write up the abstract and feel that you want to expand or take the project in a different direction. Regardless of whether you go onto submit in the special issue; if you are interested in ePortfolios and the workshop has helped stimulate and encouraged you to continue, then the event has been a success. Final details will follow but the provisional timetable is as follows:

9.15 – 9.30 – Online tea and chat

9.30 – 9.45 – Welcomes and outline of session

9.45 -10.00 – Peer group – explain to group members your plans for the writing workshop

10.00 – 10.45 – Pomodoro One

10.45 – 10.55 – Break

10.55 – 11.35 – Pomodoro Two

10.35 – 11.50 – Peer group – report back to group members your work and plans for completion

11.50-12.00 – Final wrap up

Register here to take part